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Write to speak.

Common themes in my scriptwriting:
-Discovery of self-worth.
-The obliteration of the idea of storybook endings.
-Ethereal beings.
-Getting over the past.
-Creative arts.
-Time paradoxes.
-True love.

Stories of my life.


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Where it all starts.

I remember sitting in the hallway of Ackerman third floor, filling out a piece of paper with blatantly sarcastic answers about how school wasn’t a very high priority but God was. Staring at that weird collage thing across the way, I started to write — first, a short script that was boring and weird, then a second that ended up being a bit of a rant. I had forgotten how much I loved writing.

I didn’t know that in those thirty or so minutes, writing and playing improv for the first time, that it would be where it would all start. I mean, I auditioned as… not a joke, but a casual stab at something I’d tried and failed at once before. I didn’t think myself an actor or anything — heck, I didn’t think I had a chance at being called back let alone invited to join this group of wily coyotes.

I was unsure, at first. There were men taking off their shirts all the time to flex their moobs and… okay, that was really the only unattractive point (Since when were shirtless men unattractive? Only in LCC.), and I inevitably loved the group.

How couldn’t I? I spent a year before that amongst people who I love and who love me and affirm me and help me grow in insurmountable ways — but they don’t have the same sense of humor as me. And as a person who spends fifty percent of her life being comic relief for every occasion… that’s important to me. As trivial as it sounds, that is.

(Random thought: I should be a clown.)

So I look at all of these potential coyotes and think, “These kids have no idea what they’re in for.” I know I didn’t. And that’s exciting, isn’t it? Because at the end of the day, we’re still the same misfits we were when we started, but now we have things like writing, acting, improv, and IGYB to fill in the gaps.

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Not even the kind of nervous with Death Cab for Cutie playing as you walk across the quad. No, the I’m-about-to-have-explosive-diahrrea type of nervous.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been that… aksjgnsdefgksdjbdh.

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It’s a concept I got from the theatre group that I’m in, LCC. It stands for “I’ve got your back,” basically meaning that we have each others backs no matter what the circumstances.

And I really like that.

IGYB, readers. FYI :]

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